Royal Melbourne Golf Club

A Modern Revitalisation for a Historic Melbourne Sandbelt Golf Club

Unlocking the Essence of Royal Melbourne Golf Club

The Royal Melbourne Golf Club is uniquely positioned as the leading golf club in Australia and indeed one of the most recognised and respected golf courses in the world. At Contours Agency, we had the privilege of partnering with Royal Melbourne Golf Club to embark on a comprehensive review of their brand identity and online presence. Our mission was to elevate their prestigious brand and create an immersive online experience that resonated with golf enthusiasts worldwide.

Through a comprehensive approach encompassing logo refinement, brand guidelines, captivating content creation, and a cutting-edge responsive website, we reimagined Royal Melbourne’s digital presence, setting a new benchmark for golf club marketing.

Project Scope
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Full Content Suite
  • New Website
Royal Melbourne Website Walkthrough - Visit Site

Our Roles

Logo Refinement + Brand Guidelines

We delicately refined Royal Melbourne’s iconic logo, honoring its rich heritage while infusing a modern touch. Our team crafted a comprehensive brand guidelines package, ensuring consistent visual and verbal elements throughout all touchpoints. This cohesive brand identity pays homage to the club’s legacy while embracing a contemporary aesthetic, captivating the discerning audience that high-end golf clubs attract.

Comprehensive Content Suite

We immersed ourselves in the firm greens and historic fairways of Royal Melbourne, capturing the essence of its 36 magnificent holes through fresh photography and captivating feature videos. These visuals showcase the club’s unrivalled beauty and celebrate Royal Melbourne’s timeless elegance while highlighting its rich history and the unforgettable experiences it offers visitors and members.

Cutting-Edge Responsive Website

The synthesis of our collaboration is the all-new responsive website, meticulously designed to reflect the grandeur of Royal Melbourne. Our innovative course breakdowns allow users to explore an entire 18-hole journey on a single screen, offering an unparalleled browsing experience. As golfers prepare for their round, they can navigate each hole with ease, immersing themselves in the strategic challenges and remarkable landscapes that await. Similarly, our club history and tournament timelines allows guests to quickly explore over 100 years of superb golf. This modern, user-friendly interface is optimized for seamless navigation across devices, ensuring an exceptional digital experience for golf enthusiasts worldwide.

Feature Video for Royal Melbourne Golf Club

“Working with Contours Agency to develop a new website and complete a brand refresh has been a lot of fun. Thanks to William Watt for your creative genius, including the design, photography and videography prowess. We are proud of the end result and have received wonderful feedback from our Members and guests.”

Ben JarvisDirector of Golf, The Royal Melbourne Golf Club

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